J&K State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.


Cold Storage Plant at Delhi.
The Corporation has a Cold Storage Plant at Delhi which was commissioned in the year 1975 with a storage capacity of 2200 Mis. The statement at Annexure 'D' Page (16) indicates the position of profit and loss of the unit over a period 13 years. The plant is more than 30 years old, its building and machinery has become very old and require investment on its repair/renovation. Infact, at some later stage the whole plant needs to be re-build. At the present capacity level, the unit is facing stagnation in the revenue. The space at the plant remain occupied upto 80%. The revenue is not expected to increase further as due to competition, as the per unit storage charges have remained the same over the years. The ever-increasing electricity cost is eating into its profits. The revenue of (lie unit can he increased immediately provided the machinery of the Plant whieh is now old and obsolete is replaced and the cold storage chambers are divided into smaller chambers and new additional store is installed.

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